Assembly Point Sign

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Assembly Point Sign

Assembly Point Safety Sign Board can be self adhesive vinyl or on foamex board, choices of 3mm, 5mm thickness. All the fire safety signs in this section conform to the Health & Safety Signs and Signals Regulations - BS 5499-1

Available Assembly Point Sign Materials:

  • Vinyl Stickers
  • 3mm Foamex sign boards
  • 5mm Foamex sign boards
  • Standard Rigid Plastic boards(PVC)
  • Luminous Rigid PVC (Rigid Plastic) boards
  • 3mm Aluminium
  • 5mm Aluminium

Available Assembly Point Sign Sizes

  • 200mm x 300mm
  • 300mm x 100mm
  • 400mm x 600mm
  • 600mm x 200mm
  • Custom Sizes (Please Call 020 3375 2100 or email

The areas where people should meet after evacuating the building in the event of an emergency are called Assembly Points. These assembly points are marked with Assembly point signs or Fire Assembly point signs.
These assembly signs are designed to be placed at the assembly point to indicate the area or designed to be placed inside of the property to inform building occupants of their closest assembly point.
Our range of Assembly Point Signs includes Vinyl Stickers, 3mm Foamex sign boards, 5mm Foamex sign boards, Standard Rigid Plastic boards(PVC), Luminous Rigid PVC (Rigid Plastic) boards, Aluminium material options and varying sizes.

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The Access Route Keep Clear Sign is in the category of Fire Signs and Emergency Signs. This Access Route Keep Clear Sign is available in four different sizes. This sign can be self-adhesive vinyl, aluminium or on foamex board, choices of 3mm, 5mm thickness.

All our signs are manufactured in Borehamwood, UK. Currently in-stock and ready for dispatch.
All our health and safety boards come in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials to suit your requests.
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