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Fire Exit & Exit Signs

Smoke and fire can cause confusion and panic, and it is easy to become lost or disorientated that is why the correct signage is so important

Fire Exit Running Man signs are designed to highlight escape routes in a property. In every building, there must be a running man sign that will indicate the closest escape route.

Often an occupant will have to follow 2 or 3 exit signs before evacuating a property, so the placement and positioning of signage are vital. Signs must be placed above main fire exit doors and at a comfortable eye level throughout the rest of the property ensuring that the signs point to the closest fire exit and do not give conflicting information to other signboards in the near vicinity.

Do I need Fire Exit (Running Man) Signs on my Property?

Legislation states, if an occupant is at any part of the building and does not have an immediate view of an exit (from every part of the property) or doubt may exist: an escape route sign or a series of warning would be necessary.

Our Range of Fire Exit Signs:

Our range of Fire Exit and Emergency Escape signs conforms to BS5499, EN7010 & ISO7010 so are compliant with all the regulations required in the UK.

We offer a complete range of Fire Exit Running Man signs with 8 Different Text Options, 9 Different Arrow Options, 3 Different Sizes a 5 Different Materials enabling you to find the exact signage you require for your property.